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Get out and enjoy Liverpool  the way it was meant to be experienced - up close and personal with a FREE walking tour!! Discover Liverpool's rich heritage, fascinating history and diverse culture with a WANDERPOOL FREE guided walk. Your local guide is a professional actress who will make sure your sight-seeing tour is as entertaining as it is interesting! Discover Liverpool's amazing, world-changing architecture, unique historical significance, current culture, great stories and amusing anecdotes.
Have a large group, don't want to spend the day with strangers, or want a more exclusive experience? Then a private tour is for you! Our private tours are completely flexible and can be created bespoke to your requirements and interests. 

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Our amazing feelgood singalong tours are fantastic way to experience the most musical city in the world. They run on the second Sunday of every month or are available on request for groups. To book or for more info, email jacboylan@yahoo.co.uk or call or text 07446149750

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